Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sambar Deer

A Family of Sambar Deer was crossing the lake at Nagzhira Wildlife Sanctuary

Indian Roller

Indian Roller: It is named so because its unique mating dance. It flies up in the air and spirals downward, it
literally rolls in the air.

Grey Heron

Male Grey Heron: Caught in flight :-)


Male Chloropsis: Named so because of its bright green colour

Black Winged Kite

Female Black Winged Kite with her kids 

Black Winged Kite

Male Black Winged Kite: He was protecting his juvenile kites from a flock of troublesome crows.

Black Drongo

Common Black Drongo: I wasn't lucky enough to capture the Raquet Tailed Drongo with its long beautiful black plumes.