Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sarus Cranes

They migrate from Russia and have one of the most spectacular mating dances. A Unique feature about these birds is that they have only one mate for their entire life. If one mate dies the other also starves to death.

Green Bee Eater

This remarkably richly colored and agile bird feeds mainly on a diet of bees, wasps and other such insects. It first removes the stings and breaks the exoskeleton of the insects by repeatedly knocking the insect against a tree bark. 

Water Shortage II

Water Shortage

The villagers kept complaining as this bunch of monkeys occupied the water taps.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

It was in Rnathambhore itself that I saw this sight. Plum Headed Parakeets both male and female perched on the same branch; with the Crested Bunting :-)

Flame Backed Woodpecker

It is known so because of its brilliant golden feathered back. 

The Striped Beast

Cautious while drinking water

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Striped Beast

The Tourist's Guilt: I felt stupid, when I saw at least 7 gypsies and canters surrounding this Tiger. Tiger Tourism should be banned!! I felt like an unwanted guest, an intruder. Why don't we leave them in peace? But unfortunately as long as people like me exist (who claim to love wildlife) the wild can never be in peace. This tiger just wants to be left ALONE!! But no! its surrounded by humans going crazy over their camera. :-(


Resting after their midday meal...

Monday, 4 April 2011


This inquisitive Treepie... :-D
These Treepies are so used to human beings, that they actually eat nuts, off their hands.

The Golden Oriole

This extremely timid bird was playing around in the backyard of my room in Ranthambhore. 

A Torn Wing

I found this on the Airport Road, Vimannagar, Pune. Its queer to hold something that is dead, especially when you know that you will never hold it when its alive.

Crested Bulbul

This Bulbul posed for me with its Elvis styled crest. :-)

The Little Round Bird

This curious little bird (which looks like its just swallowed a ball) was hopping around the banks of Lidder River till it finally grudgingly posed for my camera.

Bos grunniens

A Yak making its way across the landscape in Sonmarg

A Short Break

This little bird perched on our houseboat for a while to pose for my camera before taking off again.

The Yellow Bird in Kashmir

Found this bird hopping in the lake in Kashmir. I clicked it from the houseboat we were staying in. Even though these houseboats are a good source of income Kashmir, they pollute the lake to a great extent.  When I was there, the Kashmiri government had organized a clean up of the lake. Whenever I visit places such as these, I feel like an intruder come to rape the charm of the place. I feel guilty to be a tourist.  

Rose Ringed Parakeets

This pair was making their nest in the coconut tree in my backyard. The male seems to be offended at my intrusion of their privacy.

A Butterfly

Caught it basking in the sun in Nagzhira Wildlife Sanctuary


Found this bird in one of the gardens in Kashmir :-)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Duck Ride

It was really cold in Kashmir when this baby duck snuggled comfortably in its mamma's warm back, enjoying its ride in the Dal Lake.

Sunbird Having Its Afternoon Meal

I wish I could remove that twig... then the picture would be perfect.